Aol not working on iphone

AOL Mail Not Working On iPhone? How to Fix AOL Mail Down Issue

AOL Mail Not Working on iPhone – The AOL Mail app is a web-based email service that is popular for its interface that allows users to stay connected to their peers through the Instant Email feature. AOL app’s quick server is as fast as any messenger application in which sending and receiving emails is quite easy. However, many users of this application are having some problems using the application. And many have started reporting about AOL mail not working on the iPhone. If you are thinking about the same, don’t worry, here is what you need to know about it.

aol mail not working on iphone

How to fix AOL mail not working on iPhone problem?

Before you start with any of the specified fixes, one must first see if the issue is with the app’s main server, or is it internal to your device. If the problem is with the server, you will have to wait until the organization is fixed. On the other hand, if the problem is with your device, you can use the hack below to solve the problem. However, first, try to put your iPhone on flight/airplane mode and turn it off again, it will reboot your connection to check if it was an Internet issue.

Easy hack to fix AOL mail down issues

  • Close the AOL Mail app completely – Start by completely exiting the AOL Mail app (and all other apps or programs running in the background), then try to open it again.
  • Check for app and system updates – To check for AOL Mail app updates, go to your device’s App Store. To check for system updates, go to your device’s Settings menu.
  • Clear Cache and Data – You can usually clear the cache/data through your device’s Settings menu. This step removes temporary files to help free up the necessary space.
  • Uninstall/reinstall the AOL Mail app – On select devices, you can uninstall and reinstall the AOL Mail app to help reduce any problems.
  • Restart your device – Restarting your device will help you refresh the entire device which will prevent all unnecessary apps from running in the background which will be affecting the performance of other applications. In addition, it reconnects the Internet connection.

One of these suggestions should solve your “AOL Mail Not Working On iPhone“. If for some reason you find that it is still not connecting, it can be a more complex issue that cannot solve these troubleshooting tips. This may require that you call an +1-877-804-0107 (toll-free) IT professional for help. Hopefully, there will be no need for that, and your email will fly in and out of update office apps.

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