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Fix Corrupted Content Error in Gmail while using Firefox

Some Firefox browser user start reported that when they try to open a specific website in Firefox then he they get an Corrupted Content Error arises.

We found out some fixes for you. That will help you to get rid on the Corrupted Content Error and you be able to access Gmail. This Corrupted Content Error is usually seen by users when using Firefox.

A Corrupted Content Error appeared for a lot of users who are trying to access Gmail on the Firefox browser. They are unable to access the Gmail webpage instead they were served a Corrupted Content error. They see the following message exactly.

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How to Fix Corrupted Content Error in Gmail

We can fix the Corrupted Content error in Gmail through the following ways.

  1. Clear cookies, cache, and site data
  2. Bypass Cache
  3. Delete Browser’s User Data on your PC
  4. Open Firefox in Safe Mode
  5. Update Firefox
  6. Switch to another browser

Let’s see the fixes in a detailed way and how to use them.

1] Clear cookies, cache, and site data

Clearing the cookies, cache, and site data that the browser stores to load pages faster might be the reason for the error due to some misconfigured protocol. You should clear the cookies, cache, and other site data to resolve the issue.

2] Bypass Cache

Another way to resolve the issue is to bypass the cache. When you see the error page, press Ctrl+Shift+R on your keyboard to reload the page from a fresh server. It will bypass the cache of Gmail that is stored on your browser and get a new set of data from another server.

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3] Delete Browser’s User Data on your PC

Every browser creates a profile even if we don’t log in to it. The data associated with that profile is stored on your PC. You need to delete that data to resolve the issue. To delete the browser’s data, press Win+R on your keyboard and copy/paste the following address, and press Enter.


You will see two folders in the location. Delete the folder that has data in it which will also be a recently modified folder. The other folder only contains a .json file.

After deleting the folder, retry accessing Gmail from Firefox.

4] Open Firefox in Safe Mode

To confirm that no extension you have installed on Firefox is interfering with Gmail, open Firefox in safe mode and try accessing Gmail. If you are unable to access Gmail in safe mode too, then no extension is responsible for the error. If you can access Gmail without any error, then it is due to an extension. You should follow the trial and error method to find that extension by disabling one after the other and try accessing Gmail in Firefox normal mode.

5] Switch to another browser

The corrupted content error should be fixed by now using the above fixes. If by any chance it is not fixed, you should switch to another browser. This should be your first option if you are in a hurry.

Using the above methods, you can fix the Corrupted Content Error in Gmail on Firefox.

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