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HP error code 0xc4eb8000

How to fix HP error code 0xc4eb8000

In the article, we will help you how to fix HP error code 0xc4eb8000 in windows 10 with step-by-step solutions. Do you know why HP error code 0xc4eb8000 error occurs. The HP error code 0xc4eb8000 occurs becasuse the firmware of your outdated printer or other some reasons. To get liberate of HP error code 0xc4eb8000 error, we covered a some simple and easy solutions for this problem. These solutions helps you to fix the error so that you will be able to print your documents again.

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Fix HP error code 0xc4eb8000

Before searching solution for HP error code 0xc4eb8000, run the printer troubleshooter by yourself. Some times, it will helps to fix hp deskjet 3835 error code 0xc4eb8000. If the troubleshooter not able to fix hp deskjet ink advantage 3835 error code oxc4eb8000. Then here is a list of solutions to fix HP error code 0xc4eb8000 in windows 10.

  1. Update Printer Firmware
  2. Reset the printer
  3. Contact HP Support.

Let’s check these solutions.

Update Printer Firmware

It is possible that the Printer Firmware that you are using is outdated and that might be the reason that you’re receiving such an error again and again. In such a case, simply download the latest firmware available on the official site of HP and install it. The updated firmware can help improve your printer function better and fix minor problems. Here are the steps:

  1. Open page for printers
  2. Enter your HP printer name and serial number
  3. Press the Submit button
  4. Scroll down the page
  5. Click on the Firmware option
  6. Click on the Download option
  7. Install the Printer Firmware.

Now try to print. It should fix the error.

Reset the printer

Sometimes, resetting the printer might help you fix different types of issues. This might work for this error too. These are the steps:

  1. Turn on your printer. Let the printer remain silent and idle
  2. Disconnect the USB cable of your printer from the rear part. If the printer is on a wireless connection or another network, then don’t plug off the USB cable
  3. Remove the cartridge from your printer
  4. Disconnect printer’s power cord from the rear part and wall outlet
  5. Wait for 60 seconds or more
  6. Connect the power code again to the rear part of the printer and wall outlet
  7. Turn on the printer
  8. Insert the cartridge again
  9. Close the access door of the cartridge
  10. Re-connect the USB cable (if disconnected) to the rear part of the printer.

Now try to take a print. Your problem should be gone now.

Contact HP Support

If the above options don’t work, you should contact HP support at

There, select your region, click on the Contact Support option, and select Printer as your product type. After that, provide the serial number, and you should get assistance regarding the issue.

Hope this might help.

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