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Most Common Windows 10 Errors

Here’s How to Fix the Most Common Windows 10 Errors

Infuriating on-screen errors can be a constant source of frustration. If your Windows OS is experiencing an internal error, it will drain your life. It is especially frustrating when you aren’t sure how it happened. 

People expect everything to work flawlessly in a world where technology and the internet make our lives easier. This could not be further from reality. Windows 10 can be frustrating. 

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There are certain errors that cannot be avoided, unfortunately. These errors can be very costly. What does each error mean and how can you fix them? How can they be fixed? 

The Most Common Windows 10 Errors & How to Fix them 

I cannot cover all the problems that Windows 10 might present. It would take you far longer to read the article. 

Unfortunately, many error codes are the result of one error. That is why I believe it is important to start from the beginning. 

Windows 10 Update Problems 

Windows Updates is the most common reason for Windows 10’s errors. This error can also be called “The Mother of All annoyances”. It will look similar to the image and contain one or more of the following codes. 

Error Code [Pii_Email_cbd448bbd34c985e423c], 0x80070057, WindowsUpdate_8007002C. WindowsUpdate_dt000. 

Microsoft says these errors happen when Windows 10 starts an automatic program update and requires user interaction. 

But, these errors may occur when you start the Windows Update. Sometimes, it may need to be restarted several times in order to fix the issue. Even though it may help in some cases, it is not recommended. 

If you keep getting this error after restarting the computer multiple times, you may have a problem in your software distribution folder. 

  • Click to view your account Windows Start MenuYou can find it in the lower-left corner of your screen. 
  • Click on the settings icon which looks like a cogwheel. 
  • Scroll down the window to click on Update & Security. 
  • Click hereTroubleshootingUse the menu on the left. 
  • To continue, open the Troubleshoot window. Windows UpdateUnder the Get up and running heading 
  • Click on the RUN troubleshooter button 
  • Follow the prompts until you have solved your problem. 

Are you still having trouble? You can try it again, or modify the software distribution file manually. 

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If you don’t know how to use the Command Prompt this could make it difficult. You should only attempt it if it feels comfortable. 

  • Type cmd Use the search field to locate your taskbar. 
  • SousBest MatchRight-click on the Command Prompt You can also select As AdministratorYou can find the menu. 
  • You will disable a few services. Start with the most important command and move down. After you have entered a command, hit the Enter key.  
  • Next, rename both.SoftwareDistribution And Catroot2 Use folders. 
  • The next step is the same: type each command followed with the Enter key. 
  • Now, we’ll start the services that were previously disabled. You should already know the drill. 
  • Close the command prompt. Restart your computer and then try to perform your updates. 

Runtime errors 

This error can be caused by many factors, including incompatible software programs or memory issues. There may also be potential complications from a malicious infection. 

They often include a numerical code that helps identify the problem. These are too numerous to detail. 

Fortunately, most of the time it is easy to fix. 

Your possibilities are endless Task Manager. 

Please click hereProcessesTab to sort the list Username. 

Each process must be ended one at a. After each process is completed, go back and do the same thing you did when the error occurred. 

If the error doesn’t come back, you’ve identified the incompatible program. 

The incompatible program must be updated to prevent an error from happening in the future. 

A program that you are trying to run may also be corrupted. 

BSOD/Frowny face/Stop errors 

This error, also known as the Blue Screen of Death (or Blue Screens of Death ), is usually caused by the Windows OS running into an unsolvable problem and the Windows OS will shut down to avoid any further complications. 

The blue screen no longer has numerical error codes. You can recognize this screen by the frowny smile and basic message. Your PC encountered an error…An error code is often followed by this screen. No matter what the error code is, your computer will be rebooted after it displays. This can make diagnosing the error difficult. 

It is likely that whatever you did right before the error occurred, is the culprit. Depending upon what you did, you may be able to restart with the last known good configuration. System RestoreYou can either roll back or turn off the device driver. 

Make sure all Windows service packs and updates are applied. Update all drivers and software, and run a virus scanning. 

If the problem is software-related, reinstall it. Contact the developer for help. Update the firmware to fix the issue or replace the component. 


Windows 10 is not without its faults. They are, in my opinion, the most common errors. 

If you experience an error other than what is covered in this post, and the error code is present, a Google search might be helpful in understanding the reason and how to correct it. 

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