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QuickBooks Error 101 is a software program used by small or mid-sized finance companies. QuickBooks software is a popular choice for finance companies. QuickBooks was evolved by Intuit. Just like any other software program QuickBooks also indicates some errors. Some of these arise within the setup of QuickBooks or when the files go corrupt.

QuickBooks ERROR 101 

QB error 101 is a banking connection error. Error 101 occurs when Windows is not able to finish commands for a web-based application. Error 101 is a type of scripting blunder. You may get an error 101 if Windows applications such as the .NET framework, Java, Flash are not working properly.

QuickBooks error 101 is a known error in QuickBooks Online(QBO) or QuickBooks. You can directly document this error report to the engineers and they will provide the highest quality solution to resolve this error in the least feasible time.


QuickBooks error 101 can occur due to certain causes:

  • .NET Framework isn’t always working properly. The .NET Framework is one of the most important software pre-requisite for QuickBooks to run because it is responsible for the connection between the software and web 
  • Java is not working properly or not installed. Java is the most used software for creating a web-based application, which makes it vital to run well which will make QuickBooks run smoothly without any errors.
  • Flash is not running properly. Flash should work properly because flash is mostly accountable for the animations and the transitions.
  • Poorly configured internet browser.



  • Click at the left menu and click on the “Banking”  tab.
  • Deselect the unwanted accounts.
  • Now, on the top right corner hit on the “Update” icon.
  • Enter MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) if required by QuickBooks.
  • Click the “Continue” button.
  • You will get a pop-up showing “Updated successfully”.


The second method is to feature a new account, for that observe the below steps

  • Click at the left menu and hit the “Banking” tab.
  • At the top right of the menu, you may locate add account, Click at the “add account” button.
  • Check the details of the financial institution with which the bank account is created.
  • Now choose the respective bank from the menu
  • Hit on “enter”, You will now be able to use QuickBooks.


  • Click on the left menu, and go to transactions.
  • There click on “add account”.
  • Choose the respective bank and join the account via means of the following wizard.


Check your internet connection on the computer. If the relationship is ideal and nonetheless getting the mistake, then strive to update your chosen browser. After you’ve got to update your chosen browser, restart the manner and the mistake could be resolved.


Reconfigure the QuickBooks:

  • Go to “Help”, hit the Internet connection setup.
  • After this, pick out my computer’s internet connection.
  • Click Next and at last done.
  • Finally, run the QuickBooks software.


Download the present-day updated versions of the .NET Framework, Java, Flash and Active X, etc. for the high-quality overall performance of QuickBooks.


If after following all the steps you are still getting the same error, so in that situation, you can always take help from the experts. One of the best features of QuickBooks is that you can directly raise your concern to engineers and they’ll assist in the best possible way in a minimum quantity of time. This feature is self-serviced and paid also. To contact the help and support department of QuickBooks, you can go to QuickBooks Help and Support.


If the user follows all of the methods to resolve error 101, the error would be resolved and the user will be able to run the QB software smoothly without any interruptions. QuickBooks have provided the best quality support for its software. It has given the user the benefit to directly document the error to the engineers who will assist the user in the highest quality way in a minimum amount of time. Also, their helpline number and their tech-support links are provided in this article.

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