Star Rate files in Windows 10

How to Star Rate files in Windows 10?

Star Rate files in Windows 10 – Sometimes your desktop settings may be too full of files. You may not understand it on your daily trips with your computer, but the files constantly pass over each other to the point where you may begin to experience speed and smoothness with your computer. Therefore, it can be useful to tag and list files so that they remain convenient and can be searched when needed.

In Windows 10, with File Explorer, which is the default file manager, you can mark files with a star rating you specify. This does not directly act as a clearing center for unwanted files, but only helps to archive the necessary files appropriately.

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Star Rate files in Windows 10

Star Rate files in Windows 10
  • To rate files on a five-star scale:Open File Explorer on your computer.
  • Find the file you want to rate and right-click on it.
  • In the list of available options, locate and click Properties.

This opens a dialog box for the selected file, where you can see the different properties of the file. its shape, size, location, etc.

From the options at the top, select Details.

Star Rate files in Windows 10

Under the Description heading in the Data category, there is a Rating option with five unselected stars.

Evaluate the file the way you want and use the settings.

Star Rate files in Windows 10

That’s all you have to do to give the file a star rating.

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Users should keep in mind that while this feature extends to most file formats in Star Rate files in Windows 10, they may not be able to evaluate a few. Although JPEG and MP4 files have this feature in almost all versions of Windows, PNG and GIF files still cannot be rated on a 5-star scale using the method above.

Search for files by star rating

Star Rate files in Windows 10

Once you have categorized the files, you can select them from the list using the keyword in File Explorer. All you have to do is open Windows Explorer and type ‘Rating:’ in the search box, followed by the stars you want to search for.

In the above case, I have given 5 stars näytetiedostolle, so my search form on the keyword “Rating: 5 stars.” When you search for this, a 5-star rated file will appear.

I hope this process helps you organize your installation and find certain files more efficiently.

Summary: In this article, I have tried to explain how can you Star Rate files in Windows 10 easily. If you have any other solution to resolve this issue, please share your valuable knowledge in the comment section.

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