Linux Reseller Hosting vs Linux Shared Hosting Know the Difference

Linux Reseller Hosting vs Linux Shared Hosting Know the Difference

In recent years, rapid growth in every business is moving to the online platform. Today, websites are being designed within hours. With effects, these websites need to have the best web hosting service to enlarge their online visibility. Similarly, Linux is heated in many ways including infinitive web hosting features that can impact in the same way your server behaves to interact with. In many cases, you must have noticed the difference between the operating system and your server. You must be looking for an amazing setup of a dedicated server including the platform on which it operates. Here, in this article, we will discuss why you should care about the OS of the server you are using. And how to make the right decision to choose the best hosting between Linux Shared Hostingand Linux Reseller hosting?So let’s get move on! 

Why The Choice of Server OS Plays an Important Role in Hosting Services?

Well, a computer always needs an Operating System and a sever exceptionally but your choice can affect the way you interact with your OS. In this case, you have two main options to choose from reseller linux hosting & Shared Linux Hosting.

The operating system doesn’t quite date just after the beginning of computers and desktops, but finally they go back so far enough! An OS performs a huge variety of significant functions in a computer system, however, it is more helpful to imagine those as falling upon the three general categories. A shared Linux hosting is designed for a single-use owner.

There is no reselling allowed on this shared hosting as it affects other servers adversely. You can have only one linux cpanel hosting for all your domains. Conversely, Reseller hosting is designed for those who plan to resell their hosting to other clients in the future.

You can have unlimited linux cpanel hosting for each of your client accounts. Subsequently, if you need to have multiple IP addresses and SSL certificates, you should go with Linux Reseller hosting. Also, reseller linux hosting offers you WHM (web host manager), DNS control, and Plesk Panel. 

What Is the Difference Between Linux Shared hosting India & Linux reseller hosting India?

Linux Shared hosting india allows you to have multiple users, accounts, and websites to be hosted on just a single server. In this turn, Linux Reseller Hosting India is built with a single server that is solely dedicated to only one user. Linux Shared hosting plans are designed for single-user for single website apps.

It is typically used by small businessmen that only have a single website to host. However, it can also host various websites by using add-on domain names. But these all are called sub-directories enclosed with a single main account along with DNS maps to point them all. For example, if you have a Shared Linux Hosting account with ten domains and mistakenly one of them is hacked.

Now the hacker will have access to all your websites that operating this account. Additionally, you will also have performance issues with shared hosting plans. 

 Linux reseller hosting India is great for all web designers, developers, and anyone that needs to host various accounts. No server maintenance is required with this Linux reseller hosting. Here, cPanel doesn’t offer the same automated transfer features for resellers.

You just need to have some root access to customise your account on your dedicated server. Linux reseller hosting plans are similar to Linux Shared hosting plans with just a major difference of a dashboard to manage all your multiple accounts.

It means, with a Linux reseller hosting account, you can generate multiple shared hosting plans with a single WHM to manage them all. Further, you can add some more websites and can split them into your own cPanel account to have your own login id, username, password, and more significantly your own resources.

If you are just opening a web hosting and reviewing the plans listed on Linux Hosting provider’s websites; that all are typically categorised in shared or reseller hosting.

Understanding Server’s OS 

You must have ever come across the OS working with your laptops or desktops; the server is not different. Most people can be familiar with Linux shared hosting features. This is where you buy some space on the server. Normally, Linux shared hosting is for an individual user or small entrepreneurs who just need a small space on the server to host their website and email accounts on the same domain name. But web designers and developers have several customers to manage or build their websites to generate more income, they always prefer Linux reseller hosting. 

Difference in Services

The best Linux Shared hosting refers to many websites that reside on a single web server connection. It is a significantly more cost-effective option for hosting the websites as the complete cost of the server management is remunerated over the numerous customers. On other hand, the best Linux reseller hosting refers to the owners who can resell their available resources such as bandwidth, disk space, server, etc. to their own customers that act like shared hosting companies.

He or she doesn’t need to purchase the server, however, instead, he or she purchases the resources on a specific hosting server to resell his hosting services to other customers. A cheap Linux Shared hosting plan can offer you everything that you need to build and maintain your website.

These plans are reasonable and designed with a cPanel control panel. You can manage several domains or subdomains on this single shared cPanel account. It doesn’t support reselling. Conversely, unlimited linux reseller hosting plans are designed to let the customers sell their web hosting services or packages to their own clients.

They, in effect, can become the owner of their own web hosting company with cheap linux reseller hosting India.  These plans are designed at very reasonable rates; hence anyone can go with this cheap Linux reseller hosting to enlarge his enterprise on a big scale.

Just like Linux shared hosting, Linux reseller Hosting packages also include the cPanel to manage more customers.

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