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What makes a great promotional bulk SMS? How to go for it?

Probably the most ideal ways for organisations to expand deals and commitment is through promotional bulk SMS. With only 160 characters to play with, you may think making one of these is simple. However, there are a lot of approaches to get promotional texts wrong. In this blog, we define and explain the basic segments of an SMS promotion and give some fundamental rules and suggestions for bulk SMS service that will assist your promotional campaigns to succeed.

What are promotional bulk SMS? Why should you use them? 

Texts grab quick attention; the larger portion (98%) of individuals open a text and read it. Moreover, the vast majority keep their phones nearby and check them routinely – 66% of Americans do this 160 times each day. So when a text shows up, it ordinarily gets seen before long. 

The speed at which texts are seen, and their phenomenal open rate, is extraordinary news for your marketing efforts. However, in case you’re attempting to accomplish business development, what you need is for clients to open your promotional text and afterwards make the ideal move (like buying from you). You can improve the probability of that occurring if you get your message right. Let’s take a look at the crucial components of promotional bulk SMS.

What to remember for your promotional text 

In those valuable 160 characters, you must choose the option to make yourself clear concisely. Your bulk SMS content should comprise of the offer you need to advance, a source of inspiration and as a rule, a link to the website.

Promotional Copy

A common advancement means to get the client to spend cash with your business. Hence, your promotional text needs to offer genuine esteem and be sufficiently influential to entice the client to make a move. 

  • Do – offer something exceptional to cause the client to feel special.
  • Do – be conversational with our one-on-one bulk SMS service
  • Don’t – spam. Try not to exploit capital letters, punctuations and words that are excessively promotional like ‘FREE FREE!’


It’s a smart thought to add your customer’s name in your promotional text content. This can cause the client to feel like you’re speaking with them and that you know them. If you hire our reliable bulk SMS service, you can merge names from your information base into your text.

  • Do – segment your crowd into various groups to assist with focusing on with our advanced bulk SMS service.
  • Do – use client bits of knowledge to distinguish what they may be keen on.
  • Don’t – go too far and customise your mission too profoundly. That can take your message from wise to dreadful. Just use information experiences that your clients have imparted to you, not what you’ve gathered from extra exploration.


The one way your client will understand what activity you need them to take is when you advise them. Also, you can do that through a call-to-action (CTA). It very well may be just about as basic as ‘use this code’, ‘order on our website’ or call us at [number]’.

  • Do – be clear. Tell the client precisely what you need them to do. If you incorporate a time-limited promotion, make sure to clearly state the expiry date.
  • Do – be brief. Utilise the central piece of the text body to clarify the promotion.
  • Don’t – oversell and under deliver. Ensure that the client gets what they’re expecting once they make the ideal move.

Web Links

On the off chance that you need clients to visit your site or particular landing page, you ought to incorporate a URL inside your promotional text.

  • Do – utilise a link shortening tool to save character space in your message.
  • Don’t – neglect to test your link before sending your bulk SMS to guarantee there are no web errors.

Bulk SMS Timing

At the point when you’ve gotten done with your bulk SMS content, consider the time you ought to convey the campaign. The timing is important. For instance, on the off chance that you maintain a takeaway business, your text will miss its imprint on the off chance that you send it at 8 am on a Monday.

A superior time would be Friday around 4 pm when clients begin to slow down from work and are prepared to consider what they’ll have for supper that evening.

  • Do – be aware of how and when your business’ products and services find a way into clients’ lives.
  • Do – plan your promotional text early with the goal that you don’t need to stress over sending it when you may be occupied.
  • Don’t – send at unseemly conditions such as late in the evening or promptly in the early morning as clients may take this as interfering.

A few examples of elegantly composed promotional bulk SMS

Since we know the basic segments of a promotional text message we should go through some examples:

Streak Deal SMS

Hello there Sally, 24-hour streak deal on vintage attire this Saturday at Urban Fitters! Get 30% off on the 70s and 80s styles – visit us and use the code: URBAN30

Back-in-stock SMS

At last Kanishka! Our amazing Fake Lash Double Black Mascara is back in stock! Order now on our site while stocks last! http://tinyurl.com/56fbzdhc 

New Product Launch SMS 

The wait is finished, Ritik. The Special Edition Hazelnut XXX Coffee is here. Order your dose of caffeine now: http://tinyurl.com/56fbzdhc

Occasional Bulk SMS 

Happy Festive Times, Rishvi! Snatch some Christmas cheer with 2 for 1 on all makeup products and fragrances. Enter code two4one at checkout: http://tinyurl.com/56fbzdhc

Grow foot traffic SMS 

Greetings, Shiv. The ZA Gallery presents ‘Interstellar’, another hand-painted collection by Rega Jha, 26/03/21 at 5 pm. Champagne for all! Call us at 1542×1542 to book your entry.

Let’s begin with exceptional bulk SMS campaigns for your business promotion

Bulk SMS is an amazingly incredible advertising device, thanks to its extraordinary open and reaction rate. Our effective promotional bulk SMS service could help increment deals, commitment and footfall for your business.

Utilise our bulk SMS tips above to guarantee you incorporate every one of the basic parts that make up a fruitful promotional text.

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