Microsoft Outlook Timeout Error 0x8004210a

Microsoft Outlook Timeout Error 0x8004210a

Microsoft Outlook Timeout Error 0x8004210a – The Microsoft Outlook client is designed with advanced synchronization mechanisms, which facilitate seamless access to email stored on a central repository called Exchange Server. Outlook email users are connected to many other users and servers with precise configuration of port numbers and protocols.

The promotion of send-and-receive communications for each Outlook email user using send and receive operations. However, things went wrong and it was expected that the Send and Receive error process could not be completed due to the many technicalities associated with the MS Outlook configuration.

Focusing on core issues, Outlook users suddenly encounter POP server timeout Outlook error 0x8004210a irregularities

We can say that when any Outlook user encounters a POP server timeout error 0x8004210a we can suspect three primary reasons:

  1. The presence of any antivirus program may interrupt standard connection attempts for MS Outlook
  2. An active Windows firewall can be a hindrance to the normal MS Outlook send/receive process
  3. Improper configuration in the time-out settings of the Exchange server
  4. Incorrect specification of port number in MS Outlook email client

Measures to improve microsoft outlook timeout error 0x8004210a

When you know the reasons behind the Outlook 0x8004210a error, you can fix these issues by implementing some methods which are described here:

Check internet connectivity to fix Microsoft Outlook Timeout Error 0x8004210a

Your first response should be to check whether the Outlook application connects to the Internet. Because Outlook is capable of working in offline mode, users continue to work on it without checking the Internet. If Outlook is working without Internet, there will be no transfer of email.

Remove doubt emails from your Outlook mailbox

Infected email in your mailbox can interrupt the performance of the entire Outlook application. They can prevent applications from sending or receiving email. If you are aware of such emails, delete them as soon as possible.

Disable your anti-virus program

If there is integration between your anti-virus program and Outlook, then anti-virus may affect the performance of Outlook. To prevent anti-virus software interference, then disable it from scanning Outlook email.

Delete old account and create a new one

If the account is damaged beyond repair, you have no other option, but remove the old account and create a new one. You can also create a new account through the control panel settings.

  • Close Outlook and open Control Panel.
  • Click Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016.)
Microsoft Outlook Timeout Error 0x8004210a
  • Click Email Account.
Microsoft Outlook Timeout Error 0x8004210a
  • Click New and create a new account credit.
Microsoft Outlook Timeout Error 0x8004210a

After re-creating the account, try sending some test emails to another account to test the connection.

In addition to these general troubleshooting steps, if things are still the same, configure the exact port number and server time-out settings. Moving forward, the POP server timeout error 0x8004210a pops up when the configured / sent operation cannot be completed within the configured timeout limit. Adding this, you should also check the port number settings for POP (Post Office Protocol) as POP port no. When you configure SSL encryption settings, different. Let’s do these two preceding troubleshooting tasks one by one:

To configure time-out server settings:

  1. Launch ms outlook application
  2. After the information, click on the File menu
  3. Click on the Account Settings tile and choose the Account Settings option
  4. Select the desired POP3 account and click on Change option
  5. In the Change Account window, click on More Settings
  6. In the Internet Email Settings dialog, choose the Advanced tab.
  7. Rotate the slider to the right to increase the server timeout range

To configure a server port number:

  1. Follow steps 1 through 6 of Configuring Time-Out Server Settings
  2. Specify 995 Incoming Server (POP3) This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL) if you have marked
  3. If you have not activated this server then specify the server coming from 110 (POP3)

Changing these POP server configuration settings should fix the POP server timeout error 0x8004210a, but in major cases PST email items were corrupted due to incomplete and improper Send / Receive mechanisms. Removing email from such severe situations requires a high level of technical expertise as it requires correct retrieval of all email items. However, experts encounter problems retrieving PST email items that are corrupted during the start of the POP server Microsoft Outlook timeout error 0x8004210a. Therefore, the proposal for lossless PST recovery can be obtained by employing reliable Outlook PST recovery software.

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