Outlook unable to connect to Yahoo Mail

Outlook unable to connect to Yahoo Mail

While Outlook is one of the best e-mail programs, it is not flawless. If you’re using a Yahoo Mail account, if it can’t determine things, or if Outlook unable to connect to Yahoo Mail, these solutions will help you fix the problem. Outlook requires that you enable a specific option in your Yahoo Mail account. If it doesn’t recognize the setting, you won’t be able to use your Yahoo Mail account in Outlook.

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Why Outlook keeps asking for your Yahoo Mail password

  • If you’ve turned on 2-step authentication in your Yahoo Mail account, Outlook may not be able to go through this setting.
  • You must configure Yahoo Mail with IMAP. If the information is incorrect, Outlook will still display a password prompt.
  • You must use the application’s password feature to create a password for Outlook. A regular password does not work with Outlook.

Fix Outlook unable connect to Yahoo Mail

To fix Outlook that cannot connect to the Yahoo Mail issue, follow these steps:

  • Check your IMAP settings
  • Create an application-specific password

For more information on these steps, continue reading.

1] Check the IMAP settings

That’s probably the most important setting you should check out. Unlike Gmail or Hotmail accounts, Outlook does not allow users to connect to a Yahoo Mail account. You must select IMAP when setting up a Yahoo Mail account in Outlook. The steps look like this –

First, go through the standard options to enter your @yahoo.com email account into Outlook. After a few moments, it will show you some options where you need to select IMAP.

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Then enter the values ​​and settings as follows –

In tray:

Out tray

Don’t forget to check the box next to the Require logo using the Secure Password Authentication (SPA) check boxes.

When you’re done, click Next and enter your password.

2] Create an application password

The first tutorial ends by entering the password in Outlook. However, if you use a regular account password, Outlook will not allow you to access your e-mail account. You must create an application-specific password.

  1. To do this, log in to your Yahoo Mail account> hover your mouse over the profile picture> select Account Information.
  2. Go to the Account Security tab and enter your password to confirm yourself. Then click the Create Application Password button.
  3. Next, select an option on the Outlook desktop from the drop-down list and click the Create button.
  4. Copy the password from the website and paste it into Outlook.

If you proceed next, your Yahoo Mail account has been added to Outlook.

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part of it, if you’ve turned on 2-step verification, it’s a good idea to temporarily disable it, set up your account, and re-enable it.

If still you are facing same Outlook unable to connect to Yahoo Mail issue. Then you can dial Outlook Helpline Number +1-877-804-0107 (toll-free) USA-CA.

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