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Repair PST File after Outlook Error 0x80040600

Steps to fix Outlook error 0x80040600

When the user uses the frequent-send-receive ‘option to refresh Microsoft Outlook email, the following Outlook Error 0x80040600 appears on the computer screen:

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This error prevents all Outlook activities to continue and prevents users from accessing any related Outlook or file. This can happen on any version of MS Outlook. Users can mainly use inbuilt tools such as Primary Scanpast.x ‘to fix this problem. Follow the steps given below to get rid of this Outlook Error 0x80040600:

  • Turn off Outlook to run Inbox Repair Tool (SCANPST.EXE)
  • Click the search option from the Start menu and type the following command to locate the scanpst.exe repair tool:
  • Open SCANPST.EXE and click Browse to locate the affected or corrupted Outlook PST file.
  • Click the scan button to start the recovery process.
  • A message will prompt you to make a backup on the screen. Check the option ‘Back up scanned file before repair’. Click Browse to change the location where the backup file will be saved.
  • Click Repair to begin the repair process.
  • Once the operation is completed. A correction completed message will appear. Click OK.

Now, restart your Outlook application, and you should be able to resume your work without any interruptions due to the 0x80040600 error.

If the above method is not working for you or the error occurred again after some time, then you need to create a new pst file. Follow the steps given below to create a new pst file.

  • Open the Outlook application.
  • Click on File -> Account Settings -> Manage Profiles.
  • Click on Show Profile and then click on the Add button to create a new profile.
  • Now you can enter your new profile name. Please choose a name to help you break away from the current profile.
  • Click OK to finish.

This should create a new profile, and now you should be able to get rid of the error once and for all. But before proceeding, you may want to restore the data from the old profile. When running Scanpast in the Inbox Repair tool, remember the backup file location you entered. This file now works to restore your data from the old pst file.

  • Go to the location of the backup file. By default, it should be named with your old profile name, and the extension should be .bak. Like – old_profile.bak.
  • Create a new copy of this file and rename it to increase it from .bak to .pst.
  • Now, go to Outlook and click on File -> Open End Export -> Import / Export.
  • This should open a new window named Import and Export Wizard.
  • Choose the option ‘Import from another program or file’.
  • Click Next and choose Outlook Data File (.pst) as the file type.
  • Click Next; And choose the .pst file that we copied from the .bak file earlier.
  • You can choose not to import duplicates since you are importing into a newly created pst.
  • Select the folders to import and click Finish.

Congratulations, all of you are ready now! Now, you have scanned and fixed your corrupt pst file, created a new pst file and also restored your items from the old pst file. Now is a good time to use Outlook without 0x80040600. Before you exit, be sure to keep an eye on the reasons behind this error and how to prevent it from happening again in the future.

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Outlook moves to error 0x80040600

Outlook error 0x80040600 usually occurs due to overloaded PST files. Every MS Outlook version has its own limits for storing PST files, which must be periodically maintained and kept in check. When a user exceeds the storage capacity of PST files, either corrupts or is automatically discarded, it eventually displays a special error 0x80040600. This error can also be caused by a virus attack on the user’s personal system or due to improper or corrupted use of external devices or software.

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Ways to prevent Outlook error 0x80040600

  1. Maintain a regular backup of PST files. This is necessary and useful at the time of version upgrade or file recovery
  2. As soon as you suspect PST file corruption for the first time, look for possible solutions and avoid abruptly closing the application as much as possible
  3. Remove unnecessary email and data made by PST files and folders to prevent full storage limit issues
  4. Keep an eye on updates of antivirus programs and use only certified software
  5. Close your MS Outlook application, then avoid all other running apps and sudden system shutdown
  6. Modify the storage limit of PST files in versions that provide this feature, otherwise never exceed the 2GB limit

The above methods are highly beneficial for preventing MS Outlook corruption issues. If the user encounters Outlook errors even after following the prevention rules, it is very good for third party PST repair tool.

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The kernel is the main software with the same capabilities for Outlook PST repair software. This fixes the permanent error and produces PST files immediately. For quick recovery of the affected PST files, the software checks the following steps:

  1. Download the software setup and launch the software.
  2. Choose either browse option (known location) or search option (unknown location) to locate PST files.
  3. After selecting the source of the PST file, select the Repair Multiple or Repair Single File option as needed.
  4. Select the recovery mode and click the Finish button to start the recovery process.
  5. The software will then scan and fix the 0x80040600 error, listing the recovered PST files in a hierarchical manner.
  6. Click the preview option to verify the file contents and attributes.
  7. Select the Save button and choose the desired file format from the Output Type option to save the recovered files.

Following these options, users will retrieve 100% full PST files and can then access Outlook files flawlessly.

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The conclusion

In this blog, we start jumping on you by taking steps to run a scanpst or inbox repair tool to fix your corrupt pst file. Then, we covered the creation of a new pst file to be permanently removed from the problematic pst. Considering how important old emails and other Outlook Error 0x80040600 items can be, we followed all the steps to import data from your old PST file to a new PST file. Then, we briefly touched on the common reasons behind this error and how to prevent its occurrence in the future. Finally, we suggested a kernel for Outlook PST repair tool for users, which is looking for a quick solution without any problems. It is the perfect tool for those looking for a permanent solution at once, without having to dive deep into the issue.

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